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💙 Ukrainian Art at Zuzeum

Since February 24, Ukrainians have been fighting an invasion by Russian military forces. National and local governments, non-governmental organisations, and people all around the world are finding ways to support the Ukrainian people. The events taking place in Ukraine violate democratic principles and notions of what security is. 

In Ukraine’s war-ravaged cities, the country’s cultural and arts heritage is being destroyed. However, it continues to be preserved in the collections of museums in other countries, where the importance of these valuable objects is increasing every moment. It is our responsibility to ensure a special commitment to the preservation of this culture.

The Zuzāns Collection holds the works of several Ukrainian artists. Its collection of paintings include works by Yevhen Petrov (Євген Петров, born in 1972 in Kherson) and Yurii Yermolenko (Юрій Єрмоленко, born in Kyiv in 1973).

Yevhen Petrov‘s style is characterised by an unusual approach, surreal plots, and the use of a jeweller’s precision-filled camaraderie in contemporary art. The author records witty, sometimes impossible, situations in which personalities meet and clash, as a harsh reflection of reality with fantastic and historical plots.

In addition to being the creator of ambitious, monumental projects in painting, Yurii Yermolenko is a screenwriter, a music video director, an artistic leader, and also a photographer. Often, in their works, they combine elements of pop art, camp, kitsch, traditional Ukrainian painting, and neo-impressionism. 

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