🧑🏼‍🎨 Theme of the third workshop: Frying Pan with Half-fried Eggs

While still a student at the Art Academy of Latvia in the 1970s, Polis bravely and loudly entered the art scene as one of the first representatives of photorealism in the Soviet Union. He became aware of photorealism in 1972 when he read about the exhibition ‘American Hyperrealists’ in Paris in the Polish magazine ‘Projekt’.

In this class, we will study Miervaldis Polis’s 1975 hyperrealist work – eggs in a pan – currently on view in the recently opened exhibition ‘Where to Hide!’. Instead of canvas, the artist used real metal pans on which he painted eggs in the process of frying, with the yolks facing upwards. Each work depicts a different stage of ripeness, from raw to cooked.

🍳 This time we won’t paint on pans – we will start with a black and white painting, which we will gradually glaze with transparent oil colors.

🎨 Two lessons will be needed to complete the painting swiftly (each lesson lasts 2 hours). Workshops will be held regularly every Saturday from 12:00 to 14:00.

✨ No special experience or knowledge is required. Attention and patience will be enough to surprise yourself and others with excellent results!

🎟️ Class fee 25 EUR (all materials included). Tickets are available here.
📅 Date: 24.02., 9.03. & 16.03.
Languages: LV, ENG, RU
Age: from 16 years

Limited number of places (maximum 10)