I Exist in Colours

From 9 February to 28 April

From 9 February to 28 April 2024, an exhibition of Rūdolfs Pinnis’ works, titled I Exist in Colours, is on show in the Small Exhibition Hall of the Zuzeum Art Centre. With this exhibition, the art centre inaugurates a new exhibition concept where the Small Exhibition Hall is used as an independent art space – a white cube that lets visitors take a more in-depth look at the oeuvre of a particular artist.

The exhibition presents 30 works from the Zuzāns Collection, which were created over the period from 1936 up to 1990, and provide an insight into different periods of Rūdolfs Pinnis’ creative career. The exhibition is curated by Dace Lamberga and designed by Reinis Liepiņš and architecture studio Silver Architecture.

Dace Lamberga, curator of the exhibition, writes: “Rūdolfs Pinnis (1902–1992), one of the most vivid personalities in Latvian painting of the 20th century, has always fascinated with the temperamental colourfulness of his work, his tireless one-hundred-per-cent dedication to the creative goal. The Zuzāns Collection exhibition I Exist in Colours gives contemporary viewers the opportunity to discover the master’s daringly diverse endeavours over the period of more than 50 years. His landscapes of the 1960s fascinate with their stylised depiction of nature’s forms and their resonant colour scheme, uncharacteristic for the Latvian art of the time. The master’s appeal resides in the contrasts of unusual colour combinations, with his broad brushstrokes creating his very own versions of “colour duels”. When in 1972, an opportunity arose for Rūdolfs Pinnis to visit, after long years, the city of his youth, Paris, his painting became more emotionally imaginative and formally complex.”

It is worth noting that Neputns Publishers released already the twenty-seventh title in the series Classics of Latvian Art – Rūdolfs Pinnis, with text written by Dace Lamberga. The publication is on sale at the Zuzeum Art Centre.

Art historian Dr. art. Dace Lamberga has curated more than fifty exhibitions at the Latvian National Museum of Art, art institutions in Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russia and Sweden. With Neputns Publishers she has released books about 20th century painting: Klasiskais modernisms: Latvijas glezniecība 20. gs. sākumā [Classical Modernism. Early 20th Century Latvian Painting] (2004, also available in French and English), Latvijas māksla simbolisma laikmetā [Latvian Art in the Age of Symbolism] (2019) as well as monographs on Jēkabs Kazaks, Valdemārs Tone, Rūdolfs Pērle, Konrāds Ubāns, Leo Svemps, Rūdolfs Pinnis and other artists.

Throughout the exhibition, art mediators will be present in the exhibition hall, inviting discussion and debate about the exhibited works. The project’s public programme will include a series of workshops, talks and discussions, which will be announced on the website of the art centre.

Exhibition team:

Curator: Dace Lamberga
Exhibition architect: Reinis Liepiņš and “Sudraba Arhitektūra”
Head of Zuzāns Collection: Ingūna Ģēģere
Curators of the Zuzāns Collection: Laura Briede, Annija Grīsle, Jevgēnija Hamudajeva, Marta Šuste
Conservators: Liene Muceniece, Anastasija Skopenkova
Project manager: Melisa Debora Kaškura
Technical manager: Raivis Švarcs
Technical team: Andris Konošonoks, Māris Mikāns, Mareks Ieviņš
Head of graphic design: Karlīne Anete Čepjolkina
Graphic designer: Elizabete Bušēvica
Public relations and publicity: Eduards Grizāns
Head of events and partnerships: Katrīna Jurkevica
Website editor: Katerīna Alijeva
Coordinator of educational programme: Erna Marija Poča
Art pedagogues: Alise Starobina, Tonijs Strods
Art mediators: Vallija Lintere, Gundega Tentere, Līva Indriķe, Gustavs Strads, Katrīna Ērgle
Translators: Valts Miķelsons, Sergejs Timofejevs
Corrector: Sandra Skuja
Photographers: Jānis Pipars, Normunds Brasliņš, Gvido Kajons, Māris Arbidāns
Financial management: Ilze Baumane
Director: Aļona Solovjova
Founder of Zuzeum and Zuzāns Collection: Jānis Zuzāns


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