Grotto Far From the Sea


Exhibition Grotto Far From the Sea brings together several works from different periods by the text-group Orbita – or, more precisely, new versions of previously realised ideas and objects created specially for this exhibition. The impulse behind the creation of these works was the artists’ interest in the nature of text and forms of its existence.

Grotto Far From the Sea is an invitation to a meditative walk, to drift between flickering revelations and tune in to a receding yet perceptible wave. In the selected installations, ordinary everyday items are used to perform a function not typical to them – the transmission of a poetic message. The exhibition also involves such actants as sunlight and airflow.

Orbita is a collective of poets and multimedia artists from Latvia. Its members are Semjons Haņins, Artūrs Punte, Vladimirs Svetlovs and Sergejs Timofejevs. The project was established in 1999. In its work, Orbita depends on the synthesis and interaction of text, sound and image. Although the presence of text is not a necessary condition, often the authors’ own poetic texts serve as the impulse for the creation of the works.

Originally the project’s participants were brought together by the idea of a common publication. This was realised in the guise of several almanacs and many bilingual poetry collections published by Orbita. In parallel, experiments were carried out with different formats: the performative format (appearances together with musicians and the crystallisation of the idea of “poetry performance”), sound art (several audio records, sound art installations) as well as the merging of text and the moving image (video-poetry). Later, Orbita expanded its field of activity towards the creation of art objects and installations.

The exhibition Grotto Far From the Sea takes place during the 25th anniversary year of Orbita’s existence.


Creators of the exhibition: “Orbita” – Semjons Haņins, Artūrs Punte, Vladimirs Svetlovs and Sergejs Timofejevs
Head of Zuzāns Collection: Ingūna Ģēģere
Project manager: Katrīna Jurkevica
Public relations and publicity: Eduards Grizāns
Website editor: Katerīna Alijeva
Technical manager: Raivis Švarcs
Technical team: Andris Konošonoks, Māris Mikāns, Mareks Ieviņš
Head of graphic design: Karlīne Anete Čepjolkina
Graphic designer: Elizabete Bušēvica
Conservators: Liene Muceniece, Anastasija Skopenkova, Evita Melbārde
Translator: Valts Miķelsons
Text editors: Annija Grīsle, Jevgēnija Hamudajeva
Coordinator of educational programme: Erna Marija Poča
Art pedagogues: Aļona Rjazanova, Tonijs Strods
Art mediators: Vallija Lintere, Līva Indriķe 
Financial management: Ilze Baumane
Director: Aļona Solovjova-Beļikova
Founder of Zuzeum and Zuzāns Collection: Jānis Zuzāns

Toms Auniņs, Kevin M.F. Platt, Anna Fanigina, Ilva Kļaviņa, Aleksandra Samuļenkova, Vladimirs Jakušonoks, Jevgenijs Sisojevs, Latvian National Art Museum and Arta Vārpa, foundation “Mākslai vajag telpu”.