We invite you to Zuzeum children’s art workshops — for children of all ages. Each Sunday, the theme of the class and materials changes. 

Upcoming workshops

Over the summer, we will explore themes such as people, landscape, architecture and, of course, contemporary art.

📅 July:

🔸 Sunday, 14 July at 11.00, a lesson for children aged 4–12
The artist Visvaldis Ziediņš from Liepaja has worked in various techniques – assemblage, collage, objet trouvé, arte povera, ready-made, kinetic artworks. Ziediņš’s work is constantly evolving, creating multiple technological experiments. 

In the first class in July, we will work in the ready-made technique – creating an original work of art using ready-made objects.

🎨 Materials: basic paints, wire, glue, hot glue, adhesive tape, various household materials or their parts.

🔸 Sunday, 21 July at 11.00, a lesson for children aged 4–12
In the spring of 2022, the Dubulti Art Station offered the opportunity to discover Thomas Hirschhorn’s “empirical” art in person. He debuted as an artist in the 1980s in Paris, where he moved to be part of the famous Grapus art group.

In this session, we will explore Thomas Hirschhorn’s work “Art=Shelter-Medallion (souvenir)”, on show at STRAIGHT, NO CHASER. This series of works is a tribute to Simone Weil (1909-1943), a brilliant, radical and unique French philosopher.

Using the materials provided, children will create their own medallion.

🎨 Materials: cardboard, scraps of magazines and newspapers, glue, tape, ballpoint pens and felt-tip pens.

🎟️ Tickets & information 

The ticket is valid for one child and one parent or guardian, and all materials required for the class. During the class, parents are welcome to visit the Zuzeum Cafe or view our exhibition at no extra charge. Tickets must be purchased online at Zuzeum.com. Event tickets are not refunded or changed. Tickets are limited.

⏳ The duration of the lesson is 1 hour.
🗣️ Language: Latvian / Russian / English  

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please come in suitable clothes. An extra pair of shoes or socks will be useful. 

*By attending this event, you agree to have photos or videos of you or your children taken for Zuzeum marketing purposes. You can refuse to be photographed or filmed by informing the photographer or camera person.

🎈 Do you want to celebrate a birthday or hold a private event for children? Send us a request to: kids@zuzeum.com