‘Artdocfest’ film screening ‘Artdoc & ProArt’

🎟 Free entry by reserving your spot at zuzeum.com from the 16th of February.
🗣 The film subtitles are in English with available translation in Latvian (headphones).

For the second year in a row, Artdocfest/Riga invites you to the art film program ‘Artdoc & ProArt’ screening at the Zuzeum art centre. This year’s program includes 5 selected films that will be shown just once, on the 1st of March at 14:00. These films are contemporary artworks that incorporate stories about the creative process in multiple different ways of expression through the cinematic camera lens.



🔵 Maestro Roman Toi Beautiful Songs I Dedicate to You, Canada, 87 min 
For five decades Estonian-Canadian Maestro Roman Toi composed and conducted choral works and toured a Singing Revolution worldwide to restore freedom and democracy to the Republic of Estonia. Filmmaker Kalli Paakspuu adapts the story from Roman Toi’s 2007 autobiography with broadcast recordings of Roman Toi’s music performed by eminent Estonian musicians to the socially engaged photography of Karl Hintser who follows the Estonian musicians’ escape to Danzig and Germany’s DP camps. American Julien Bryan’s photography of daily life in Poland, Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany between 1935 and 1939 featuresthe spirited Nazi assault on modern art at the popular and infamous Entartete Kunst [Degenerate Art] exhibition in Munich in1937.exhibiting the eminent 20th Century modern works. VeljoTormis’s “Curse upon Iron”is sung byGrammy winning Estonian Philharmonica Chamber Choir conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste.

📌 Attention – to registred visitors! Due to arrival of the director Kalli Paakspuu from Canada to the screening of the film, the viewing time of the film ‘Maestro Roman Toi Beautiful Songs I Dedicate to You’ has been moved to 14.00, while the block of short films is moved to 17.30. Existing registration to movie screenings is valid. Sorry for the inconvenience.


🔵 Facing Time, Germany, 83 min
He was the first German to photograph Auschwitz. He became the chronicler of the young FRG and GDR. His iconic pictures of the ‘68 movement shape our perception to this day. He continues to work on a series of photographs that he began years ago: the legendary photographer Michael Ruetz. His family originally came from Riga and were publishers of the newspaper “Rigaer Rundschau”. Out of fear of Stalin, the family emigrated to Germany in the early 1940s, but they came from bad to worse.


🔵 Audiocopter and the Midnight Sun, Norway, 13 min
Magic occurs when the Swedish film composers Sebastian Rubinstein Öberg and Magnus Jarlbo and the young multi-artist Emelie Markgren present their new instrumental inventions in an encounter with northern Norwegian nature. Together, the two musicians have worked on nearly 100 films already and have collaborated with outstanding filmmakers.

🔵Contrapunctus V, Germany, 18 min
An experimental documentary, featuring mind fragmentation, a search for patterns, and Japanese urban architecture. A time capsule of sorts, centered on (biological or artificial) brain states, it makes different themes and voices converge and connect in a rhizomatic, multitasking structure reminiscent of musical counterpoint (and attention deficit behaviour symptoms).

🔵 Heartist, Denmark, 60 min 
“Heartist” explores the life and work of artist Sigrun Gunnarsdóttir – one of the most important contemporary painters on the Faroe Islands. The colourful simplicity of her style has resonated with the art world, resulting in local and international recognition. With aesthetically pleasing and carefully composed imagery, inspired by Sigrun’s own approach, this documentary delves into her artistic vision, her life journey, personal challenges and quirks.

The film subtitles are in English with available translation in Latvian (headphones).
More information: https://artdocfest.com/lv/program/art-pro-art-artdokfest-2024/